A Few Words About What We Do

At Charity we help people who are struggling by addressing the often complex issues at the root of their need. We’re making tangible progress toward better serving and loving our neighbors all over the globe.

We partner with other charities and represent volunteers across the US and in other countries who serve the poorest and most vulnerable regardless of faith. Our collective efforts focus on a collection of core areas that we believe can make a difference in the lives of people in need, and reduce their daily struggles.

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Our Services

Charity cuts poverty off at its roots. We provide tools and services for sustainable change to the people most vulnerable to hunger, violence, and disease.

Child Protection Services

The primary goal of these services is to protect children from abuse, neglect, or dependency, as well as to serve their families the best possible way.

Social Support Programs

We offer a variety of social support programs that are aimed at social assistance for every society member both in the USA and in other countries.

Fundraising Assistance

Yearly we raise more than $50M for charity needs and we will be glad to assist you in any fundraising matter or help you manage your own fundraising event.

Event Organizing and Management

Our Event Organizing Team can help you set up and manage a charitable or fundraising event to help attract attention to a certain society problem.

Innovations for Children

We use innovations to help fund children’s charities worldwide. Even though charities are not often connected with innovations, we disprove it.

People's Health

As a part of Worldwide Health Initiative, we provide various services aimed at supporting people’s health including medical care, dental care, and more.